2 years between blog posts, that’s not too bad right?

You might say I’m not a prolific blogger, but every so often I get the urge to try and get back into it.  So I’m rebooting my blog, I’ve got some pretty decent old posts to work from, but I’m going to expand my scope a little bit.  I generally liked to keep things tech related but I think I’m going to do some more general blogging now as well.  Nothing too serious, and if I get a post in a month that would be nice.  That will be my goal.

Well that’s it for now, I’ve had this whole blog site unpublished for a while because I wasn’t bothering to keep it hosted, but luckily I had it backed up but it needs some tweaks.  I really didn’t want to use wordpress going forward but I like some of my old content and wanted to bring it back.  Lately I’ve been really interested in using static site generators like Jekyll, Hexo and Metalsmith.  So you can look forward to at least me posting about that topic a lot in the near future.  But as far as my actual blogging goes I think WP will me more convenient in the near term.

Until next time..  while you’re waiting, come find me on Discord at Pwn9.  Here is an invite link for you:  Pwn9 Discord Server – If you’re not familiar with Discord, it’s like Slack… but for gamers.  Some great features including voice channels.