An update on things I’ve been doing.

Lot’s of stuff going on lately, so I thought I’d do a quick blog post to catch up. First and foremost my time working as part of the Atmosphere Project has come to an end. Atmosphere which was part of Anaren’s IoT division is no longer, but it’s not all bad news. The developers have split off and created a new company at – so best of luck to those guys.

It’s sad to see 3+ years of work go away and no longer be a part of it. If it becomes super successful I’m sure I’ll hold some resentment toward it as well, as one of the original 2 developers and the server administrator among other things… I’m a little sour about how everything has gone down; that I wasn’t offered a position or a stake in the new company, and that after 4 weeks now – a group of people that I had thought were friends haven’t reached out at all. I’m definitely having the FOMO about possibly missing out on being a startup millionaire, on the other hand they are delving into the world of IoT against some big players in an overcrowded market, so there is a good chance the whole thing will tank.

Well, onward and hopefully upward on my own path. I’ve got dozens of other big projects on my plate that are new realms. I’ve got an opportunity now to head up some improvements for a handful of developers working in LabView and LabWindows/CVI at my company, that includes introducing them to Agile Development methodology as well as getting them into using some version control software, namely Git. These are things in my own development practice I just take for granted, but I get to approach it now from a new angle as a teacher and a best practices mentor. That’s a great way to find out if you truly know your craft. Sure I can code and implement best practices on my own all day long, but can I teach it?  We shall see.

And finally, last thing I’m up to is finally setting up my Dell PowerEdge Server. I wanted to do some virtualization platform, was leaning toward Xen because of my familiarity level with it due to my time years ago actually working on XenClient with Citrix for the SecureView Platform.  I was also thinking about Hyper-V because that’s our platform of choice at work.  But, I settled on ProxMox – – which I wouldn’t have known about but I was on Discord with my friends at Pwn9 Gaming whining about trying to choose which one I wanted to use when a wise Sage mentioned ProxMox.  Great virtualization platform, I would highly recommend it.

That’s all for now, I’m going to be looking to bulk up my code repo at GitHub in the near future since I’m no longer part of the Atmosphere organization on GitHub, it makes my development contributions look pretty weak… so at long last I might start working on some of my half-started or half-finished projects again.

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