Finally moved my blog to newer hosting.

I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile, but I’ve finally moved this blog to a new host that should be a little faster and give me better uptime, while still being super cheap. Backing up and then migrating a WordPress site is super easy, there are a number of instructions available from WordPress and also on Google on ways to do it.  For me, I just export the database to a file and then zip the entire www directory on one host.  Then I create my new hosting, execute the sql (even on a new database name), unzip the www directory, edit the config if anything has changed and voila, update my DNS records, and we have a migrated WordPress site.

It’s so easy, I don’t know why I put it off for like 6 months. I just have a couple more sites to move off the old host this was one, so I can shut it down, and merge the 6GB RAM it has with 2GB RAM I have sitting in cyberspace, spin up a new VPS on my hosts newer hardware with 8GB RAM and possible start hosting a Minecraft Server again.

That’s the great thing about the cloud and virtualization. Particularly if you have hosting that lets your build and destroy VPS at will. AWS and Azure are obviously the two big dogs, but other services like Dreamhost, Liquidweb, CloudAtCost, and more are diving into this space, and it’s relatively inexpensive.  If you are looking for a great skillset, the mantra these days is “containerize all the things”.  Small instances in the cloud that you spin up and down on-demand with things like Docker and Ansible. Everything is fluid, you use only the bandwidth and cpu-time that apps and services need when requested.  Pretty great stuff.  I’d point to some links, but seriously – Google is your friend.  If you are looking at IT work in the future, this skillset is going to be a must have.


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