Javascript & CSS Dynamic Layout System

A while back for a project I was working that was to become a web application, I was working on developing a unique and smooth UI that would be responsive to window changes, rezises and compatible across multiple browsers.

Needless to say a tricky proposition, what I came up with was DynLS. Until now I haven’t really done much with this, but I might go ahead and forge forward. The original project this was developed for has changed directions, but good stuff is good stuff, so let’s re-purpose. So, basically this is just an HTML/CSS/Javascript template that allows for a very dynamic layout. Here is a demo!

DynLS Demo Page

Eventually I hope to clean this up some and make it a decently configurable and deployable bit of code work, I may even start a github repository for this just to have it there and keep an eye on the revisions. Maybe you will find this useful for something as well. Either way, take a look, try different browsers, resize and stuff, there are some limits, but that’s based on configuration.

Let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

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