Minecraft Plugins

I’ve been doing a lot of personal time, hobby coding lately with Minecraft plugins.  I’ve really been looking a small niche ideas that aren’t really handled by other plugins.  Honestly it’s hard to come up with that idea that hasn’t been done before in Minecraft right now it seems like there is something for everyone, if not TOO much something. Sometimes the glut of plugins by really bad coders is overwhelming.

Well I think I’ve come up with 3 plugins lately that hit the mark for originality and niche filling.

PwnChickenLay – This plugin figures out when chickens lay eggs, not an easy task actually, and then stops them or replaces the eggs with other items at configurable rates. Originally made this to stop these massive chicken farms that were economy breaking on my server, but now it’s more fun because you could make chickens lay anything at all.

PwnPlantGrowth – This one makes plant growth rates (farms) in various biomes and light levels behave differently than default. Totally configurable, you can force Netherwart back to hell only, or not allow cocoa to grow anywhere but jungles. I think it adds a very nice realism touch if thats the kind of thing you are looking for.

ResPwn – My latest work on a request from a guy named Neb, still in it’s infancy but basically setting up a bunch of options for server admins to set on players after they respawn, like giving them an invincibility shield for a time, or setting their health and hunger lower.

So I’ve been having a lot of fun with that, and I’m starting to think I need to blog more…  so I might start dumping some more time into this site.  We’ll see.

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