Need to migrate my site to a new host.

As a web developer and systems administrator, I generally prefer to have my own servers for things rather than shared web hosting. I’m also cheap, so I usually look for the best deals on virtual servers. Once upon a time when I was making good scratch running Minecraft servers, I actually had a dedicated server. Right now, I’m using a company called Cloud at Cost. It’s pretty cheap, you can get a slice of cloud for $40, for life (apparently).

I’ve been with them since they got going, maybe 5/6 years now. It’s been tough at times, days of downtime, corrupted storage drives, poor customer support, you name it. I’ve got this blog running on Cloud at Cost along with a couple of other non-critical websites, and some of my development projects, like my Discord Bot using GitHub’s Hubot framework, TremBot –

It’s great for development work, but if you need reliability it’s certainly not been very good in that department. Needless to say TremBot’s connectivity isn’t the greatest, and sometime this blog is down. I suppose it’s nothing mission critical, but I think I might start a new hosting search.

If I do, I’ll document and report back here. Who knows, if my blog has better uptime, perhaps I’ll start updating it more frequently.

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