PHP Scaffolding Part 3

I finally got a few solid hours in on this project and have put together a nearly complete example to demonstrate.  As I got to finishing it up, I started running into some problems with file and user permissions, as I have my web server setup pretty strictly.  In all however, I have put together a complete SQLite package that will:

  • Create an SQLite database.
  • Create tables on the database.
  • Add data to the tables.
  • View the tables.
  • Update data within the tables.
  • Delete data within the tables.
  • Delete an entire table.
  • Be scalable and efficient for future adapation.


There are still a few things I’d like to tidy up, and some extra debugging information that I could add as output in the event the script fails somewhere. But other than that it is completely function.  Test it out!

Test My PHP Scaffolding Project.

View sources of index.php and functions.php