Playing With Cordova Again.

I’m playing with Cordova/PhoneGap again. This time I’m just working on making a really easy to use, re-useable starter template that’s designed to work in the CLI or via the PhoneGap Build Online Tool.

My premise is really simple, take some of the most common web development implementations and slap them into a Cordova friendly single page app framework. While most people are putting together complex build environments, device emulators, and requiring Angular or React… I’ve put together a template that runs right of file:/// in Firefox, and leverages JQuery and Bootstrap.

By no means is this revolutionary but it’s a quick and easy template for less technical types to dive into the mobile development world.  Check out my PhoneGap Template on GitHub.

Responsive Design

I think the best part about building an app using Bootstrap is the responsive design. I’m just building a webpage and implementing the practices that would change it’s layout based on width and orientation.

HTML Driven

I created template files for pages, menus, and footers, which are dynamically loaded using JQuery into their appropriate locations. What’s great about it is, that using “data-attributes” from the “page” file, the developer can right from the HTML query the framework to show or hide the menu or footer, attach a different footer, and even fire off a callback function in Javascript.

Work In Progress

This is still a work in progress, but I’d love to get some feedback on it and think about ways to improve. I will certainly be doing some code tidying but I think I have some pretty decent core functionality in place.



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