M2M, IoT & Atmosphere


I worked on this project for almost 3 years before the group was divested and began as it’s own startup. I was one of the two original developers. I built the front-end, and designed and managed the server architecture. I Blogged about the Atmosphere Platform¬†back in the early days of it’s development.

It was a great project and eventually had multiple developers working on it. I learned a lot about Agile Methodology working in this group, and had the chance to do a lot of research into emerging technologies.

While I’m disappointed that I wasn’t given the opportunity to continue on in some capacity with this project, I’m proud to list it as one of my accomplishments.

To learn more about Atmosphere today visit: http://atmosphereiot.com/

General IoT & Automation

While Atmosphere had left the building and become it’s own company, I stayed on at Anaren in the IT department and began applying IoT, or M2M (machine to machine) concepts to improving and better automating our manufacturing processes, particular in terms of test and production data analysis. Working with machines that generally output text, csv, or s-parameter files in an effort to more real-time pipe the data content of those files into a database system with analytics.

This project is currently ongoing (as of last update on this page) as part of a continuous improvement initiative that I hope to lead. There is a lot of manual data transfer and manual data analysis that definitely can be scripted and automated. While I do try to leverage existing platforms, a lot of the machinery and internal processes that I am working with are unique, there is little data standardization and conformity, so I’m trying to apply some of the concepts that I helped to create in the foundation of Atmosphere which is more of a cloud data IoT solution, into an industrial M2M solution.