I’ve been involved in Minecraft since the earliest days of the game. I helped setup one of the first big survival, multiplayer servers in early 2010 in the days of hMod before things really took off.  Later on, I began to work on developing plugins for the Bukkit multiplayer mod, which became the de facto server mod for most servers.

My Plugins are available on Curseforge/Bukkit and Spigot:

Either location will work for Bukkit/Spigot based Minecraft servers if you’re looking to use these plugins.

The most well known of my plugins has been PwnFilter – it’s a Regular Expressions based, highly customizable chat filter for the game.

Some of my other plugin titles are PwnBuckets, PwnPlantGrowth, and ResPwn.  All plugins names use Pwn as an homage to my development and gaming community, Pwn9.