Node Script Loader

Node Script Loader

A simple system to dynamically load scripts from subdirectories without the need for require statements. Learn more at


Initialize the loader:

var loader = require("node-script-loader");

Call the loader

loader(dir, isExecute, isObj, logging)

  • @param {string} dir – The relative location in the app root to load files from. Only loads single level directories.
  • @param {Boolean} isExecute – Indicate that upon load this module should also be run (if it resolves to a function).
  • @param {Boolean} isObj – Indicate that this load will be as part of a parent object with the directory name at the head.
  • @param {Boolean} logging – Enable logging to the console where applicable.

Filenaming and other notes

Scripts loaded from the loader will be imported using the filename regardless of what the module “exports”. For example, if a loaded file is named “test.js”, the variable the module is imported as will be “test”.

Setting isObj to TRUE will create a global variable using the directory name, and attach all the other imported modules as a child of that parent object, great for configs.


Working examples can be found in the examples folder of the project source.