Slack & If This Then That

I must be behind on the times because apparently these things are all the rage on ye ole interwebs lately. So I’ve setup my gaming community Pwn9 with a slack team..  we also just started using Slack at work and I was very happy with it. It’s hard to pull me away from my telnet and IRC channels.  Then my good friend DreamPhreak showed me an integration from to Slack..

Then I noticed I could hook up my WordPress Blog to IFTTT, and trigger a post to Slack whenever I add a new post here… and well, to be short and sweet, this post is just a test of that!

2 thoughts on “Slack & If This Then That”

  1. I remember I heard about it a few years ago as “The greatest thing you should try” or whatever. I just glanced at the site, thought it was a one-time gimmick, but it actually turned out to be really cool.

    I remembered about it earlier this year, and I just wish I used it when they opened, because its awesome

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